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Following the fall of communism in Poland, numerous Poles encountered the challenges of unemployment and poverty during the demanding 1990s. In our region, which lacked industrial development, we sought opportunities in agriculture. In 1995, armed with an old communist truck and $2,000, Lucjan Hojda embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, buying beans from local farmers and distributing them to other parts of the country.

Since then, many years have elapsed, but the enduring memory of hard work and the daily interactions with our suppliers and customers have become an integral part of our company's identity. We've maintained a family-oriented structure, treating all our employees like kin, and fostering a friendly connection with our suppliers and customers.

Our company's philosophy prioritizes values such as empathy, mutual support, and social responsibility over the single-minded pursuit of profit. While the bottom line remains important, we firmly believe in conducting business with a strong sense of humanity and community.

Our Story

October 1995

Starting The Business On The Grandfather's Farm

In 1995 Lucjan embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, fueled by the myth of going "from zero to millionaire." While it's true that his assets?consisting of his grandfather's old barn, a post-communist truck, and a modest sum of $2,000?were far from negligible. His audacity and unwavering determination propelled him forward, working 16 hours a day, defying weather conditions, battling dishonesty, and seeking his niche. His journey was a Herculean feat, driven by sheer grit and resilience.

August 1999

Seeds of Success

In 1999, Lucjan's entrepreneurial journey took root on his grandfather's farm. He established his own business, taking charge of his destiny. With a hands-on approach, he embarked on constructing his first warehouse, independently managing the project and avoiding external contractors. Furthermore, he invested in basic technical equipment to enhance the quality of his beans. These strategic moves not only bolstered sales but also ensured a superior standard of goods for his growing customer base.

July 2001

A Family Legacy

The year 2001 marked a turning point as Lucjan's two sons, Marcin and Radek, joined the family business, lending their active support. With their involvement, the company's management structure began to take shape. Expanding their operations, Lucjan's sons acquired additional technical equipment for the warehouse and invested in new means of transport. These advancements facilitated their first foray into international trade, resulting in a substantial surge in sales volume.

December 2007

Diversification And Growth

In 2007, the company diversified its revenue streams by venturing into international road freight transport. This strategic move allowed them to exercise complete control over the quality of their delivered goods and ensured timely deliveries, irrespective of the transport industry's dynamics. The transport division flourished rapidly, providing not only transportation for their own products but also extending their professional services to other companies.

August 2017

Striving for Excellence

The year 2017 marked a remarkable period of investment for HARS. With a steadfast commitment to progress, the company constructed a cutting-edge storage and processing facility, alongside state-of-the-art equipment for bean cleaning. Self-funded projects included the establishment of a processing hall, buffer warehouse, specialized storage facilities, and parking spaces. Furthermore, all aspects of the business underwent rigorous scrutiny and attained HACCP certification, followed by ISO22000 accreditation.

September 2020

Expanding Horizons

In 2020, HARS experienced significant growth with the introduction of a dedicated transportation and logistics department. Expanding their vehicle fleet, the company efficiently catered to a broader clientele, unlocking new opportunities and enhancing services on a larger scale. This milestone propelled HARS towards becoming a more versatile and customer-centric enterprise, meeting the diverse needs of their expanding customer base with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

February 2023

A Global Frontier

In 2023, HARS reached another remarkable milestone in their extraordinary journey. They took a significant step forward by establishing an international trade and relationships office. This strategic move opened doors to broader horizons and presented new avenues for growth on the global stage. With this expansion, HARS solidified their position as a key player in the international market, seizing greater opportunities and forging valuable relationships with partners worldwide.

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